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Stehr Brochures

All brochures in PDF for free download: LINK

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Stehr Special Machines Overview

Special machines for road and civil engineering | Innovations by Stehr Special Machines

Click on the picture to get more information machines according to the category.


Wheel saw trench cutter






STEHR Recycler

Compaction Wheel


STEHR packer


Soil Stabilization






STEHR Abschiebewagen


Attachments dragline


STEHR trailer dragline


Binding agent spreaders




Manhole cutter


STEHR manhole cover cutter


Plate compactor


STEHR plate compactor


Plate compactor on compactor


STEHR Platt Enver Dicher the compactor


Pipe grave compressor


STEHR Pipe grave compressor




STEHR Planierschild


Add-on compactors


STEHR mounted compactors


Attachments Graders


STEHR Grader attachments


Hydraulic clutch


STEHR hydraulic clutch




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Stehr Contact

Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH
Am Johannesgarten 5
36318 Schwalmtal Storndorf

Phone: +49 (0) 6630 / 91844-0
Fax: + +49 (0) 6630 / 91844-99
E-mail: info [@]