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Test Results

BAB A9 from Dessau - East - Vockerode, sand 40cm
Bickhard Bau AG, Industriestraße 9, 36275 Kirchheim
Hamm roller 4011 / 30 Hz   without Stehr plate compactor with Stehr plate compactor
1. transition EV2 = 27,38 MN / m² 116,30 MN / m²
2. transition EV2 = 31,43 MN / m² 113,84 MN / m²
3. transition EV2 = 38,75 MN / m²  
4. transition EV2 = 51,33 MN / m²  
5. transition EV2 = 56,16 MN / m²  

Without the Stehr vibratory plates, which have excellent compression, the site will not be removed. Signed: J. Seidel
BAB A9 Schlierau Fa. Kirchhoff Straßenbau GmbH & Co.KG, branch Leipzig
Overall, equipped by using a roller train with the Stehr plate compactor of Trenkle plate compactor can be saved and the number of transitions can be reduced, with the result that the wage and equipment costs are minimized. drawn Hr. Hartwig (Oberbauleiter)
Basic renewal S-Bahn S-618 Berlin king Wusterhausen Los 2,11,21 31 u construction site:. German track and civil engineering GmbH, Berlin
The tests carried out on the test field show that by the applied compression technology with the Bomag compactor 213 with the Stehr plate compactor on the loose poured sand (SE, U> 3) after one compression transition a good compression with a compression rate of 100% and an increase in the modulus of deformation of about Evd 15 N / mm² to about 40 N / mm² has been reached. The dynamic compaction for a transition with the roller measured without Stehr plate compactor deformation modulus (MP 5) showed no sufficient capacity. Report by Mr Jürgen Rohmann, head of the Deutsche Eisenbahn Consulting GmbH, Building Institute / Building Materials Testing, Greater Berlin-Damm 81, 12487 Berlin.
BAB A9 Berlin Nuremberg with small Marzehns KM 43,5 40-50 Sand cm
Fa. Bögl, Berlin
Bomag Roller BW 213 without plate compactor with Stehr plate compactor
1. transition EV2 = 44,2 MN / m² 94,3 MN / m²
2. transition EV2 = 51,3 MN / m² 90,3 MN / m²
3. transition EV2 = 52,3 MN / m²  

The required EV2 value of 80 MN / m² has been achieved with the Bomag compactor BW 213 and the Stehr plate compactor SBV 55 H at the first transition! So far this warern four transitions with the compactor plus two transitions with a Unimog Anbauplatte compressor required!


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