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Excavator-mounted compactors

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Stehr compaction systems are flexible to use and adapt to many difficult compaction problems on. In the comprehensive program Stehr offers hydraulically driven compressor disks as single, double or Dreifachrüttelplatte for mounting on various media devices. The Stehr-compressor disks do not have a feed, but are towed or pushed by the carrier. This means that the force generated by the two counter-rotating eccentric shafts is directed vertical to 100% and so complete is the work of compression available. This results in a much higher compression efficiency than conventional vibratory plates.

The development department of Stehr invented a simple device to increase the compression performance enormously. The revision was that it changed the pathogen transmission completely to accommodate the higher impact forces over a greater bearing. Despite higher impact forces the weight has been reduced. Since this is but to compress extremely important is the weight of the carrier exploited via a special suspension by operating the Löffelkippzylinders or top link of the carrier to achieve a weight increase of the plate compactor. About a measuring device displays the amount of pressure you want to exercise. This is important in order to achieve optimal compression values ​​at various floors.

"Wherever material is installed on a construction site, must also be compacted. The transport of a heavy roller on the construction site is connected cumbersome and costly. The plate compactor part in the future of the construction site, where the wheel loader running. So the investment will pay only about saving the shipping cost! "

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