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Stehr plate compactor SBV 160 2-


Stehr presented at the bauma 2013 a world first: the cultivation compressor SBV 240 / 2. With over 2 meters wide plate Stehr want to compress large areas usually already in a transition gently and with little fuel consumption. Thus they should be more effective than larger and heavier trains rolling. Earthworks have independent specialists, accompanied by an expert from the University of Munich, the new attachment compared with a 13,5 ton compactor Stehr on the test site.

Various comparative measurements, carried out by a neutral Erdbaulabor and accompanied by a scientist of the University of Munich, lead to the conclusion that the cultivation compressor SBV 240 / 2 of Stehr compaction rollers leading manufacturer is far superior in 13-ton class. For the test, the SBV 240 / 2 was grown with a total weight of 850 tons and a capacity of 6,5 kW on a Bobcat track loaders T 69 High Flow. For use therefore measurement procedures were as Troxler probe, Static-dynamic plate load test (DIN 18134) and measuring the density by Proctor (DIN 18127).

To send the Anabauverdichter SBV 240 / 2 of Stehr in comparison with the rolling trains, he was attached to a Bobcat track loaders T 850 High Flow.

A major problem when compacting with roller trains or tandem rollers on gravel, sand and concrete Mineral is that only about 20% of the energy is directed vertically vertically into the ground and used for the actual compression. Approximately 80% will be lost through strong, unwanted vibrations in the environment. Furthermore, it is by the horizontal displacements which occur during rolling of the cylindrical roll body to a surface of loosening. For the compaction of the loosened material are with a second compactor up to eight crossings necessary. Grain crushing and segregation in the upper regions may be the result. Also buildings and piping systems could be damaged in the environment by the strong resonance.

Stehr goes these problems with a new vibration transmission, generate a precisely vertical directional vibration with 240 kN centrifugal force in the four counter-rotating shafts on. The oscillation frequency is 70 Hz. Since the individual imbalance shafts produce a smaller centrifugal force, let this according to the manufacturer much higher speeds (frequencies). This still creates an amplitude of 1,6 mm with great force power. There are loud Stehr no grain destroying, as arises with an over-compression and the loosening of the surface is desired to eliminate it. can therefore be dispensed with an additional compactor. Vibrations on the unit and the environment are almost completely eliminated. As a result Stehr presented a three to four times the performance with 1 / 3 the fuel efficiency of conventional compaction equipment.


With the compactor SBC 240 / 2 of Stehr can be after only one transition very good
Achieve compaction results.

In extensive tests on various construction sites and the Stehr test site according to the manufacturer compression values ​​and area performances were reached after a transition that would reach far with no vibration or roller compactor. So when comparing test plate compactor SBV 240 / 2 was against a 13,5 t compactor by an independent body, established in several disk compression tests according to DIN 18134 that the plate at 50 cm bed height antifreeze gravel 0 / 32 after a transition already compaction values ​​of 148 MN / m² for one achieved deformation modulus of 2,05. Even after three transitions came under tester of 13,5 ton compactor does not come close to these values ​​approach.

The new Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2 can grow to excavator or wheel loader with high-flow hydraulic system. He needed a hydraulic capacity of 120 200 liters and bar. At a compression speed of 15 m / min. and a bulk height of 0,5 m, it is possible according to the manufacturer, to compress over 1500 m³ per hour with only a transition to the required values. Applying approximately 14 liters of fuel are consumed as an energy source, about 0,011 liters / m³. Even if two transitions would be needed, there are still about 750 m³ / hour and 0,022 liters / m³. A compactor of the latest generation comes on 225 m³ / h with a fuel consumption of approximately 20 liters (100 KW) and 0,053 liters / m³.

The Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2 will be presented at bauma in Munich 2013. Stehr currently already working on a plate combination with 3 4 and m working width.

Technical specifications:

GESAM Weight: 1.980 kg
Hydraulic Performance: 100 200 liters bar
Working width: 2.114 mm
Centrifugal force: 240 KN
Amplitude: 1,6 mm
Frequency: up 70 Hz (adjustable via motor speed of the carrier)

Compaction depth: up 0,5 meters
Area performance: up 3.000 m² possible / hour
Working speed: 10 25 to meters / min.

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