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Consolidated Prospectus 2016

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Stehr Soil stabilizer SBF 24 / 2


Since the carrier devices are getting bigger and stronger, we have responded:

Experience the SBF 24 2- - The strongest on the World market - Is designed for a driving power to from 600 HP !!!








Experience the Stehr-Bodenstabilisierungsfräse SBF 24 2- is the only Anbaufräse world that can adjust the Auger completely closed housing into the depths. Since the rotor is sunk only into the ground, can Asphalt pavements are milled and reduced immediately. No problems there are with larger stones, which are located in the ground. The Rotor guide is designed so that they are hurled and crushed against a breaking device. Often the preparation of a sub-base is possible without the addition of binders.


Technical specifications:

Weight: 6.200 kg

Cutting depth: max. 550mm

Cutting width: 2.400 mm

Recommended Power requirement basic machine: 300 - 600 PS

* Technical changes in the course of further development are possible at any time. Booth 3 / 2013

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 The prospectus for the SBF 24-2 for download as PDF


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