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Stehr - quick-change coupling SSK for hydraulic hoses


There are couplings for hydraulic hoses, consisting of two coupling halves. About these hoses or pipes are connected and disconnected without the coupling or uncoupling is leaking. These have the disadvantage that they are very difficult to procure from a certain size, as often is a residual pressure in the lines. The coupling process a coupling that is bolted together, takes about 10 minutes. Since hydraulic drives always at least two lines and hence two couplings are present, twice the time is necessary.
Meaning of the invention was to build a device to perform a coupling operation in a few seconds with significantly less effort.
For this purpose one coupling half on one part, such as an excavator boom, attached. The second clutch half of which is attached to a tube is aligned against the fixed Attached half aligned according to a guide shaft. For this purpose it is placed in a guide fork. This ensures that an accurate linear guide can be done. About an eccentric disposed precisely centrally aligned opposite two coupling halves at the end of a coupling half and presses against a guide shaft is applied the law of the lever by turning it clockwise through 180 degree and moved both coupling halves together. In this position a lock is mounted. The coupling process is complete.
The advantage of the device according to the invention is that both coupling halves are connected frictionally to each other after assembly, and thus the well-known high wear of the closing mechanism - is excluded - particularly pulsating pressures of the conventional couplings. The release of the clutch is carried out in reverse order: By turning the eccentric counterclockwise.
STEHR hydraulic clutch
Start the coupling process

STEHR hydraulic clutch
Domes by turning the eccentric

STEHR hydraulic clutch
Done coupled within 3 seconds



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