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Stehr - excavator mounted compressor SBV SBV 60 120 HF and HF


  • Through the hexagonal base plate placement is possible anywhere
  • Optimum Compaction
  • No additional hydraulic circuit on the excavator for the rotary drive required
  • Without consuming rotary engine and rotary feedthrough
  • Universal use possible

The Stehr-mounted compactors with balancing forces of 30 120 to CN at a frequency of 60 Hz can be placed anywhere with oil passage from the stand of the carrier without consuming rotary engine because of their particular shape of the base plate. The patented Stehr idea provided cultivation compressor with a base plate in hexagonal shape, still has the advantage that no additional hydraulic circuit on the excavator for the drive of the rotary motor is required. So can be dispensed with three hydraulic components. Vulnerability of technology and leaks are excluded from the outset.
The shape and placement of the rubber buffers ensure that vibrations are not transmitted to the carrier device, but with optimum adaptation to the ground. Measurements showed that dumping heights of over one meter can be easily compacted throughout the height. Baseplates in different shapes and sizes or a pile hammer only be fixed with four screws. Thus is possible as with most devices Stehr a universal application. Special customer requirements can be implemented on the quickest path.
SBV 60 HF: Through the two-wave vibration transmission produces a vertically directed to 100%, down oscillation; thus go almost no vibrations on the carrier device.
SBV 120 HF: The same applies to the SBV 120 HF, but with a four-shaft transmission and the double compaction performance.
Techniche data:
Type: SBV 60 HF SBV 120 HF
Balancing power: 60 KN 120 KN
Frequency: 60 Hz 60 Hz
Oil consumption: 39 l 65 l
Pressure: 180 bar 210 bar
Width of the base: 850 mm 1.000 mm
Weight: 395 kg 764 kg
Carrying device: from 2,5 - 14 to. from 7,5 to.

Headstock: Krupp drilling pattern 6

Application examples SBV 60 HF:
STEHR mounted compactors STEHR mounted compactors
STEHR mounted compactors
SBV 120 HF:
STEHR mounted compactors
STEHR mounted compactors


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