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Stehr - packer SVR


The Stehr packer is the problem solver for different compaction processes.
As more and better compaction results and shorter working hours be required to help the Stehr packer to meet or exceed them such requirements. The packer is a purely mechanical tool, and therefore requires no special hydraulic connections or separate drive system. Attached there is the quick-change equipment or directly to excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, crawler etc.
STEHR packer 

The function:

Stehr compaction wheels using the weight of the carrier, the operating characteristics of the boom and the stick movements to generate the high compression forces. The problem areas in the sewer to manholes, pipe in gusset, on embankments at backfill etc. can be easily compacted to the compressor. The wheel generates an extremely high static compression. So can also be in cohesive soils large bed heights intensively compacted.
With the Stehr packer achieves a high compression performance, ie more compressed m³ at lower cost and better compression.

Technical specifications:

Type SVR 15 "Mini" SVR 25 "Mini" SVR 28 SVR 40 SVR 60 HD SVR 80 HD
Bandage: with tamping feet - 50 mm wide with tamping feet - 50 mm wide with tamping feet with tamping feet with tamping feet with tamping feet
Height to mounting plate: 655 mm 655 mm 1.070 mm 1.070 mm 1.100 mm 1.100 mm
Gesamtraddurchmesser: 610 mm 610 mm 920 mm 920 mm 920 mm 920 mm
Gesamtradbreite: 150 mm 250 mm 280 mm 400 mm 570 mm 770 mm
Carrying device: 1,5 - 5 to. 1,5 - 7 to. 6 - 14 to. 8 - 16 to. 12 - 50 to. 18 - 50 to.
Number of wheel disks: 1 1 1 1 2 2
Weight: 145 kg 185 kg 500 kg 550 kg 850 kg 940kg
Linear load: to 200 kg / cm *
at 1,5 to excavators
to 480 kg / cm *
at 4 to excavators
to 300 kg / cm * at 14 to excavators to 259 kg / cm * at 16 to excavators to 262 kg / cm * at 25 to excavators to 198 kg / cm * at 25 to excavators
* Compare these data with other compaction equipment!


Typical applications:

STEHR packer STEHR packer
STEHR packer STEHR packer
STEHR packer STEHR packer


High point loading per square centimeter produces the desired compaction in different soil types and ratios. Unlike vibrating rollers no water is conveyed through the soil capillaries to the surface. This is the only method for the uniform distribution of moisture in order to achieve uniform compaction.
More safety during the compression process. There is no staff in the trench needed. Optimal compaction of the problem area in addition to the pipe support (gusset).

Stehr SVR

Compaction depth up 1.200 mm possible - depending on the type and moisture of the soil.

Ground pressure per cm:

Stand weight of the carrier vehicle and wheel times (0,60) divided by cm² squeeze surface

Loader / Backhoe, weight:

8.165 kg

Stehr SVR 40 Weight:

500 kg

Total weight:
8.665 0,60 kg x = 5.199 kg

Excavators, weight:

21.000 kg

Stehr SVR 60 Weight:

600 kg

Total weight:

21.600 0,60 kg x = 12.960 kg

Superior compaction force compared to other compression systems:
Stehr Packer
XXX-grave roll
SVR 60
0723.068.082 / 0723.592.741
BW 650
600 mm
550 mm
650 mm
600 kg
392 kg
1.250 kg
Static force 12.960 kg
Excavator + SVR 60
Balancing force 5.000 kg
Balancing force 5.500 kg
Linear load: 216 kg / cm
Static distributed load: 0,16 kg / cm²
(Specification original Bomag)
Linear load: 54 kg / cm
Penetrates, mixed and compacted, no segregation
No penetration and mixing, only vibration
No penetration and mixing, only vibration
Fourfold compaction force for triple performance:
Unique roll design with tamping feet (on request) Cheap and fast compaction with compaction depths up 1.000 mm
For all quick change systems
Up to five times better compression performance compared with plate compactors or rollers grave
Made of high-strength steel
Pipeline trenches, problem areas, embankments, backfills can easily be compacted
Different widths for almost all conceivable compaction work: 280, 400, 600 800 and mm
More security, no staff during the compression process in the ditch
Highest compaction performance in the most difficult soils (eg. As cohesive soils)

Infinitely rotatable as an option hydraulically 360 degree, for compressing to manholes, on walls, in the "tube gusset" etc.
Stehr-rotary drive WDH 220:
Hydraulic rotary actuator, infinitely rotatable, with self-locking worm drive,
Oil supplies approximately 50 liters / min.
about 9 U / min.
Pressure relief valve on double shock
Torque approx 8.000 NM
All SVR compressor wheels are fitted as standard with a head plate with hole pattern No. KRUPP 6 and the hole pattern of the rotary drive provided. SW-mounting plates from all manufacturers on request.
The rotary actuator can be retrofitted.

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