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Stehr - Tractor Grader SUG 40 T


Stehr-SUG 40 T... The tractor Graders - latest state of the art!

To build a forest or gravel road, is the one thing - this to get long-term, to enable a sustainable value retention, the other. Different damage to these structures require different measures and designs. Especially great challenges lie in the work-up after natural disasters, such as after heavy rain, flood damage or due to above-average use of heavy traffic. To obtain the value of a gravel road, they have to be maintained. The various mechanical and natural influences require this diverse conservation measures. It is important and to sustainably deal with the environment, should be tried as much as possible, recycle the material available on the street and incorporate. If additional material necessary local resources are used to keep transport routes short.

The company Stehr from the Upper Hessian Schwalmtal - known by many innovative, partly internationally patented ideas for road and civil engineering - took this subject and developed machinery to solve the resulting problems, improve workflows and reduce costs, but nevertheless, the concerns of nature conservation and landscape management to be considered. The priorities that we doing arises when Stehr, there are particularly to provide machines that represent an optimal energy efficiency. But the market was watched closely and found that most workflows corresponded cumbersome, too expensive and you no longer at the cutting edge of technology. This applies particularly when working with self-propelled graders or a tractor drawn blade. Graders are among the oldest earth-moving machinery. The first graders was built in 1876 Champion in America. This has been a long time with horses and later pulled by crawler tractors. 1921 was supported by the American Rippel Corp. the first motor grader developed. The first motor grader in Europe was 1936 by the company. Fresh out of the year. The function of the middle blade has remained the same. This includes the skew adjustment and tilting on both sides. 138 years it took until Jürgen Stehr, known for his practical developments "Construction tinkerer" from the Hesse Vogelsbergkreis, thoughts made about the fact that there's what needs to be better. Its current development is universal graders SUG 40 T (Stehr-Universal grader) - a novel grading device that is superior as an attachment to graders or tractors with a reversing device in many works even self-propelled graders (much better view, much better maneuverability and handling on the Building site).

In the transport position can be all the equipment even with Frontangebautem plate compactor with 60 km / h quickly transported to the site. All functions are proportional, electronically controlled via a joystick. Thus, it can also be a laser control adapt quickly. About the tractor-side load-sensing function is the provision of hydraulic energy. The load-sensing system (LS system), and load pressure reporting system is a hydraulic control can be adjusted if the pressure and / or flow rate of the hydraulic pump to the consumer demanded by the conditions. For this purpose, the proportional valves and the hydraulic pump are electrically driven and controlled. Since this occurs at a lower engine speed, less pollutants and CO2 is enormously saves fuel produced. The triggers for the patent-pending new development was the observation of Jürgen Stehr on a construction site. During a screening of his new annex on compressor wheel loader revealed that the compression process was carried out much faster than the leveling process with a grader. This happened because the required for uniform application of material filling material was not always ensured before the multitudes running either excess material side of the flock and remains as burrs are, or it lacks elsewhere. Therefore, for a neat finish work ever more Graders crossings needed - and this costs time! By many move back and forth of the material also takes place a separation and a drying up of the material - this is not possible a subsequent optimum compaction. This effect is quite particularly in forest and field paths with a water-bound ceiling whose roof profile is often applied with a trailer on the tractor Graders. Since this no longer corresponds to the prior art, Stehr has his new invention, a Graderschild just missed a new kinematics, in which an inner tube moves in an outer tube. By moving the sign can in all directions both straight, in both directions at an angle, a V-shape to the front can be adjusted open or closed. To be very advantageous and the right on the plate mounted, hydraulically lowered ripping has proved. Because this is attached to the plate, you can advance up to 10 cm deep tear the surface and mix at the same time. As a tool, use is made of the known soil stabilization milling standard round shank chisels. Through the open in the direction of travel four meter wide V-sign, which can be moved together to 2,55 meters to the transport position, always enough material remains before the crowd. A very special effect sets in when raised or lowered in V-position of the pivot point of the drawbar. It can already be a transition a clean gutter or roof profile, which is required in agricultural and forestry road construction often create. Through the rapid profiling can be compacted timely, which also means a huge advantage because the material still has a certain moisture. But even the usual fine grading goes with the Stehr dozer significantly easier and faster - the busy company boss talks about a revolution in the leveling because in some missions this result to lead up to five times faster than with the conventional equipment! "Simply because numerous crossings eliminated that cost not only time, but also bring unnecessary operating hours on the counter and therefore cost a lot of fuel, produce more harmful emissions and enormously more CO2," says Jürgen Stehr. That the new Stehr-invention is super believed was at a demonstration at the company. DBS Schmidt be found in the Nine Waghäusel. The demonstrator was not only immediately on the construction site - two further customers (Fa. Kübler / Kammerstein and Fa. Lipp landscaping and road construction from Sasbach in the Black Forest), who were on the spot here, were so enthusiastic and have ordered a combination Stehr-Grader SUG 40 T and plate compactor SBV 80 H3 immediately.

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