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Stehr Recycler

Excavated soil to building materials

For incorporation of binders, for mixing, crushing, screening and for treatment of construction waste. About replaceable blow bars of different sizes, the desired particle size can be determined.
SR 15: 1,5 m³ for carriers from 21 to.
SR 12: 1,2 m³ for carriers from 17 to.

Applications Stehr Recycler

The Stehr Recycler is ideal for incorporating binders such as lime, cement, and for mixing and -seven loose, lying stockpiled soil. Not installable excavated soil is processed directly on the site to high-quality, well compactable backfill. The Stehr recycler is the only device of its kind, capable of breaking bricks. These remain after mixing as high-quality mineral residues in the soil, and there is a mechanical soil improvement after ZTVE 12.2.
Excavation Excavation
Before: excavation After: excellent board material
The soil replacement at great expense by landfill fees, transportation costs, etc. associated eliminated. Through the "spoon shape" the recording mix, using an excavator is particularly easy. In addition, the Stehr recyclers suitable for crushing and processing of glass, sheetrock, building rubble, bark mulch and for venting of contaminated soils.


In the "spoon housing" is provided with an interchangeable standard round shank bits rotor rotates. The continuous torque of 4800 160 Nm at U / min. is. a pressure-dependent regulated Hydraulikverstellmotor automatically when needed on 12000 82 Nm at U / min increases. The power is transmitted directly to the rotor. This thoughtful technical solution - unlike traditional products - getting the maximum performance of the carrier used.
Tangential to its rotor outer diameter can replaceable, highly wear resistant blow bars of different sizes are attached. About this, the grain size of the material is determined. The housing is formed in the region of the blow bar so that small to medium sized stones between rotor and blow bar broken larger stones are rejected in the space above the blow bar. These remain in the mixing or seven in the spoon. Before the next recording material they be dumped separately.

Application examples for Stehr Recycler

STEHR Recycler STEHR Recycler
Incorporation of binders
Soil stabilization with lime
STEHR Recycler STEHR Recycler
Processing of building rubble
Processing of building rubble
STEHR Recycler

Processing of building rubble
STEHR Recycler STEHR Recycler
Branches and roots
STEHR Recycler

Excavated soil to building materials

The Stehr Recycler (SR), an attachment for excavators, presents itself as absolute self-perpetuating. It is increasingly being used by innovative, ecologically and economically-minded company.
Due to the enormous interest from customers in Europe, a new 45 to. Tiefladerzug completely acquired with an excavator to respond more quickly to customer inquiries. Demonstrations can be performed on site quickly now. Here the performance of the Stehr recyclers can be demonstrated directly.
STEHR Recycler
Due to the many international requests can assume that was filed with the invention of Stehr, for a worldwide patent, also a global problem has been solved.
Excavated soil that has been exchanged so far is expensive, processed so that in most cases no or very little binder is added. Only by breaking with simultaneous mixing of the excavation contained mineral residues, optimum particle composition and thus a high-quality compression enabled building materials is produced.
All excavation as RAP old subbases, stones, rubble, etc., are directly processed on site and fed a low-cost, environmentally-friendly recycling. Annoying dust developments which occur during spreading of binders are avoided, as other binder can be used as lime and cement. Very good results are achieved by mixing in recycled materials or manufactured sand. Since this material hydraulically acting residues are still present here a long-term effect is even determine. These findings were observed by Erdbaulabors and soil experts.
At a construction site, redevelopment Schwäbisch-Gemünd, was the complete excavation, consisting of Stubensandstein with mixed soil, with the Stehr recyclers without binder as prepared by the Company Eichele Untergroeningen that he could be fed to a wholly owned recycling on site.
By the engineering firm Geo Technology Aalen, commissioned for construction supervision and preparation of the soil report, it was found that the compaction values ​​are well above the required values. Here is an immensely high cost saving was noted.

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