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Stehr wheel saw trench cutter

Cultivation wheel saw trench cutter machine for tractors

Not only in Germany but throughout the world is currently increasing the importance of renewable energy by wind and sun. More and more countries are focusing on expanding this sustainable and climate-friendly energy sources. To connect these investments in existing power grids, cables must be laid.

The fastest and most economical method is to incorporate them into the soil.

 GRV 004 II small  
 SGF 1300 in winter use
 SGF 1300 in stony soil
Stehr, The leader of attachments for tractors in the construction, now also builds cultivation trench cutter for tractors. After they had researched the market, what is there in this sector already, it was very puzzled: not much!
Known are some manufacturers from the USA, but all offering only self-propelled milling. A self-propelled cutter in this category is too uneconomical. "A machine for the European market must be universally applicable"Says Jürgen Stehr Ideal. This is the combination tractor / tiller grave.
The Stehr-Grabenfräsrad Is mechanically driven by the PTO. To this end, an output of 80 kW at the smaller version (SGF 800) is required. The base carrier should have a capacity of about 150 kW. Provided is an infinitely variable Vario drive. The cutting width is 300 mm and the depth 950 mm. The cutting wheel is equipped with carbide-tipped Rundschaftmeissel. This is also a work in stony soils possible.
The larger version (SGF 1300) Comes to a milling depth of 1300 mm and a width of 350 mm, For this purpose, a tractor with min. 200 kW power necessary. As more and more tractors now come with the construction companies in the use, also, this tool will be an asset in the now large Stehr product range. In the past, no matching support equipment were available (assuming an infinitely variable traction drive); now these devices are available. Above all, the Fendt tractor is to be considered, the first had to show as this drive.

wheel saw trench cutter attachment for tractors

precise trench walls

Less wear and tear than with a cutting chain

same round-shaft-bit system as asphalt grinder

direct drive from PTO, extremely high torque




Impressions of SGF 1300 saw trench cutter for tractors


Technical specifications:

Type: SGF 800 L
SGF 1300
Cutting depth: 800 mm 1300 mm
Cutting width: 80 mm
350 mm
Drive: mechanically via PTO mechanically via PTO
Weight: 2.675 kg 4.380 kg
carrier vehicle power: from 150 HP from 250 HP
carrier vehicle requirements: infinitely variable drive infinitely variable drive

Video for SGF 1300:

[In the video player can also 1080p HD quality can be selected]

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