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Stehr plate compactor SBV 80 3 HC

In order to achieve greater performance through higher impact forces, the weight of the oscillating mass (bottom) compared to the non-oscillating mass (shell) must be precisely matched. The weight of the non-vibrating shell contributes significantly with to achieve an optimal compaction result. However, as not allowed to exceed the prescribed by the manufacturers load the weight of the plate compactor, limited compaction performance can be expected with this type of attachments. To achieved through optimal application of force better compression values ​​in the operation of a compressor mounting plate, the weight of the non-oscillating mass (shell) must be adapted to the weight of the oscillating mass (lower part).


In the known embodiments wherein only a limited performance is possible. Since it has more often been found just lately that problems could only be solved through the use of Stehr-plate compressors, the technology it was decided to revise again. The development department of Stehr invented a simple device to increase the compression performance tremendously. The revision has been that it has changed the exciter gear completely to accommodate the higher impact forces over a greater storage. Despite higher impact forces, the weight has been reduced. Because of this, however, is to compress extremely important is the weight of the carrier exploited via a special suspension by operating the Löffelkippzylinders or top link of the carrier to achieve a weight increase of the plate compactor. About a measuring device displays the amount of pressure you want to exercise. This is important in order to achieve optimal compression values ​​at various floors.


Technical specifications:

Total weight: 1180 kg
Hydraulic Performance: 70 200 liters bar
Working width: 2.160 mm
Centrifugal force: KN 3x80
Amplitude: 1,4 mm
Frequency: up 70 Hz (adjustable via motor speed of the carrier)
Compaction depth: up 0,4 meters
Area performance: up 3.000 m² possible / hour
Working speed: 10 25 to meters / min.


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