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Stehr - plate compactor SBV 360 4WD


Offering 360 KN centrifugal the strongest plate compactor on the market worldwide. It can be achieved on gravelly soils problem such as antifreeze and hydraulically bound base layers compaction performance, which had to reach far with no compactor.
The new four-wave transmission imbalance are high speeds and thereby Compression frequencies of 60 Hz, achieved. 100% vertically downward vibrations direct the force out there where it is needed and not in the environment. It will not consume unnecessary energy and thus fuel. The result is a three- to four-times the performance with 1 / 3 the fuel efficiency of conventional compaction equipment.

Compaction display with nationwide compaction control can be fitted on request.
STEHR plate compactor SBV 360 4WD STEHR plate compactor SBV 360 4WD


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