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Stehr - plate compactor on compactor


Densification is on construction sites is a significant cost factor. Especially when installing from non-cohesive material, there are problems with conventional compaction equipment (rolling, rolling trains, etc.). The problems are that the cylindrical roller body is effected by a displacement of the material to be compacted on the surface. There are several transitions necessary.
Furthermore, an additional engine is so far in these cases usually (Unimog etc.) used with mechanical drive compressors which also needs multiple transitions in order to achieve the required values!
Stehr special machines has developed a plate compactor for Rollers, the compactor in combination - combined plate compactor more complex operations in a single machine, in a single operation.
This combination achieved fantastic results on sites known companies. Tests that have been carried out by Erdbaulabors, prove this.
It has been partially met EV2 values ​​100MN / m2 after a transition !!!

STEHR plate compactor on compactorMode of operation:
In the compaction of non-cohesive material through a cylindrical roller body is formed a so-called bow wave effect, because the already compacted material moves towards the surface. The compaction performance in the depth is good, but the material to be compacted is loosened in the upper layer. Directly behind the roller now run the Stehr plate compactors that achieve a very good effect in the upper layer.

The Stehr plate compactor work with two counter-propagating waves and achieve a purely vertical compaction line. That is, the power goes to 100% vertically into the ground. The compactor - combination with mounted plate compactors from Stehr combines the good performance of the roller compaction in depth with good compaction effect of plates in the upper layer. The roller operates at low frequency and high amplitude (30 Hz), the plate compressor with high frequency (60 Hz) and low amplitude. By the coincidence of compaction forces of different direction and frequency significantly improving the compression efficiency is achieved compared to individual operations.
A specially designed quick-change combined - lifting device allows quick and easy change of mounting plates. This process takes place without the use of a hydraulic cylinder.
STEHR plate compactor on compactor
1. Coupling the plate compactor.

STEHR plate compactor on compactor.

2. Lifting the plate compactor.

STEHR plate compactor on compactor
3. Working position of the plate compactor.

Optional: displacement of the plate L / R to 700mm

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