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Customer experience with the STEHR packer SVR


A construction site 8 Gunzburg Leipheim - noise barrier:
Experience the Company Benker tried out all conceivable compaction equipment, including hydraulic vibratory compactor. No device could even come close to reaching the required values.
After testing the Stehr compressor wheel - with excellent results - this compression method from the Highway Department and the Southern Bavaria known Institute for Materials Testing, Dr. Schellenberg, Leipheim was prescribed. The company Benker opted for the purchase of 2 Stehr compressor wheels SVR 80.
Mr. Erhard // Institute Dr. Schellenberg, Tel. 08221 / 20733480
Mr. Miller // Autobahnamt Südbayern // site management, Tel. 08221 / 9165517
For details, see "Stehr News 24"
At the company Max Wild, Berkheim:
The "Kangaroo" Rüttelplatte was replaced by the Stehr compressor wheel on a construction site. "With the Stehr-compressor is a much better and faster compression is achieved (for cohesive soils)."
Polishing on site: Mr. Dreier, Tel 0176 / 21025150.
The company lever in Memmingen was compressed again after compaction with a heavy vibrating plate in the channel trench with the Stehr-compressor. Here again was a better compression - with 20 cm more gear - noted.
Construction Manager Mr. Thuringer, Tel. 08331 / 1060
Experience the Company Feickert from the Hessian Weilburg - the company owner, Mr. Feickert, is a board member in Güteschutz-sewer construction - is the most innovative sewer construction company in Germany and now has 12 Stehr compressor wheels of different widths. Here was previously only worked with Rammax mounting plate compactors, which have a very good compaction in sandy, gravelly materials. In the compaction of clay, cohesive soils the results of the Stehr compressor wheels however are much better. Thus, the material penetration was measured on a construction site with the Künzel measuring method with the same bed height next to each other.
10-13 strokes after compression with hydraulic. Plate compactor.
About 30 !! Strokes after compression with the Stehr-compressor.
Inquiries with the MTA line, Mr. Kurt Brückel, Tel. 06471 502144 //
"The compression with the Stehr-compressor is very good!"
Company pivot, Unterensingen, Mr Panning, Tel. 07051 / 16810
After a short time the company Morof ordered from the second compressor Althengstedt. "There are super achieved compaction values, the use of much less binder!"
Mr. Rummel, Tel. 07051 / 16810
Much better and faster compression than with compression devices previously offered and we also used. The grave backfill can be made twice as high as in the past, and it is nevertheless achieved a very good compression. It is completely saved on the site man. After a test now work three Stehr compaction wheels SVR 60 in the company and more to come: Mr. Auth, Managing Director Fa. Bickhardt BauThuringia, Tel .: 036256 / 2840


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