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    Stehr Construction is an innovative dynamic company. We produce, among other special machinery, some of which were patented in Germany and Europe. Stehr machines are developed by practitioners for practitioners. Problems get solved faster than others who do often only from a solution a problem.


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Stehr SBF 24-6 dustfree

During the construction of the motorway A 4 Ronneburg Dresden, the soil is improved directly on the existing lane and re-installed. With the execution of the middle class coffin A 4- Altenburger Land Bögel / Rädlinger is commissioned. There was a Soil treated by hydraulic binder. Due to the enormous dust development during the spreading of the binder occurred near Chemnitz some in, some serious accidents. Therefore it came to receivables, dust-free to incorporate the binder into the soil.

Now the specialists of the Saxon company. Meier soil stabilization and the Hessian specialty machine manufacturer Stehr were asked who should solve the problem together. Since the company already employs some years Meier Stehr-milling to complete satisfaction, "cutter-spreader SBF 24 / 6 dust-free" has now also invested in a combination. Contracting and the motorway building department could be convinced very quickly that this was the only way to mix the binder without endangering transport of dust into the ground.

On more and more sites that Stehr combination is now required. As part of the Federal Railroad New Erfurt-Leipzig by the consortium Wayss & Friday / Porr AG / Max Bögel is created as a major project of the Finne Tunnel. The contract for the earthworks received the Stutz Kirchheim company. Here 1,4 million tunnel excavation can be improved with binder and installed. Two Stehr soil stabilization systems "SBF 24 / 6 dust-free" with Fendt 930 ensure that the tight deadlines are respected. So every day about 300 to. Built binder. This combination - with, according to Stehr, 30% more performance than the competition - to a third machine, as well as three separate gritters be saved with staff. As a special service, the company Stehr for this construction site a 100% owned mobility of customer service: the milling specialist Mr. Albert Beier is available around the clock.

Most particularly, they are proud that some customers who had previously sometimes used Stehr-milling machines in use and in between the competition, have found his way back to Stehr at Stehr. So the company Gerauer from Ruhsdorf / Rott had bought from a competitor Stehr a used milling machine. As recently decency buying a new one, we had a demonstration of a new competitor cutter. It was found that the 7 24 years old SBF of Stehr better results showed as the new mill of the competition. Without screening it was decided to Stehr. "A good advertisement by the competition," said Jürgen Stehr.


The new milling SBF 24 are designed so that they can be assembled "dust free cutter-spreader" at any time to a combination. A developed by Stehr-board computer ensures that the spread rate or the addition of water is accurately applied. The scattering volume dosing is via a hydraulically driven rotary. For the actual distance traveled is measured by a sensor. The discharge amount per m & sup2; is input and applied precisely dosed. Can be carried out via a chip card, the workflow about 20 days in the exchange of data on the software of the operating computer on request. Here the order, the customer, the target value, the application rate, the actual amount of the scattered area, working hours, cutting depth, date and time Comments can be accurately documented. The spreads of 0,6, 1,2 2,4 or m are like all other functions from the cab controlled electro-hydraulically. These settings are visually displayed on a screen.

On the roof of a dome lid spreader is attached. Through this a filling can be done directly from the silo with a screw conveyor or big bags. About a bubbler with shut the spreader can be filled directly from the tanker. Via electronic sensors, the level is displayed visually and acoustically. The exiting supply air is cleaned through a dust filter developed by Stehr special. The famous bridge formation with obstruction of the binding container is excluded by the Stehr system.

After all the products known provider of exchange holder systems were tested on a Stehr-cutter under the most difficult conditions, but this did not meet the high quality requirements, we came to the decision to develop its own system. The requirement was that the system for the customer must be affordable and yet stable enough to smash stones present in the soil, since the Stehr cutter can also be used as stone crusher. For this purpose, the speed is changed and an additional blow bar consisting of juxtaposed round shank chisels mounted. By rapidly rotating round shank chisel with 25 mm shaft a large kinetic force is applied to the material to be broken. Thus, stones can be broken in cohesive soils, without that clogged the rotor. The immensely high tool costs, known as existing stone crushers can be reduced by a multiple. The price of the new exchange holder is approximately twice as high as a normal weld bracket and can be replaced on the existing rotor against the normal system.


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