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    Stehr Construction is an innovative dynamic company. We produce, among other special machinery, some of which were patented in Germany and Europe. Stehr machines are developed by practitioners for practitioners. Problems get solved faster than others who do often only from a solution a problem.


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Stehr Screening Buckets

The company Stehr from the Upper Hessian Schwalmtal dealt the first company ever to the problem of soil exchange the construction of canals. The friendly cooperation with some large companies working in this field, as well as the immensely high use of labor and capital are the Result of the success of the company Stehr in this area. Such a device has been placed on the market, the known problems in combination with the Stehr recyclers and enormous economic success brings.

The resulting in large amounts on all civil engineering construction sites excavated soil can be worked with Stehr attachments so that in most cases the excavation can be directly reused. So located in the soil stones, old concrete pipes, old asphalt or demolition material to be broken or blended binder simultaneously with the Stehr recyclers. The material is then screened as desired with the new Stehr-Siebschaufel. The Siebschaufel originated at the request of some users who have the known Schauf Else separators in use until now. High wear, the high costs involved and no satisfactory performance in some applications were taken in Stehr development in inspection and improved in order to solve the known problems.

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