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World first 2015! Stehr SUG 40 Universal Grader

Better planing ... the trick with the Knick ... of course Stehr!

Graders are among the oldest earth-moving machinery. The first graders was built in 1876 Champion in America. This has been a long time with horses and later pulled by crawler tractors. 1921 was supported by the American Rippel Corp. the first motor grader developed. The first motor grader in Europe was 1936 by the company. Fresh out of the year. The function of the middle blade has remained the same. This includes the skew adjustment and tilting on both sides. Weiterlesen ...

SBF 24 / 2 - the strongest growing stabilization cutter!

Stehr towed

In 1994 Jürgen Stehr developed the world's first Soil stabilizer as an attachment for tractors. These were designed for the available at that time on the market tractors to a benefit up to 250 PS. Modern large tractors with continuously variable transmission afford 500 PS today. Again, it was the company Stehr, who realized this the first and brought a Soil stabilizer for a power to 600 PS on the market. Continue reading

Stehr machines create underground at Porsche

Leipzig is next to the main plant in Stuttgart, the second own production site of Porsche. Here, almost two thirds of all new cars are now being built. So last year rolled around 107.000 vehicles in Leipzig from the band: nearly 82.000 Cayenne, Panamera 24.800 - and the first 312 Macan. From the latter will in future be manufactured 50.000 pieces per year. Continue reading

Stehr ..... arguments condense !!!

Stehr... .Argumente Condense itself !!!

The Oberhessische Stehr, known by many innovative inventions solves a problem during compression, with every manufacturer of compaction machines in the past, though busy, but have not found a solution. The familiar Stehr-plate compressor, which were first presented at the Bauma in Munich in 1989, and are now being copied by some Nachbauern to 100%, received a complete overhaul - with the result that the issue of compression can soon appear in other dimensions. Weiterlesen ...


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