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Stehr-SUG 40 T ... the tractor Graders - latest state of the art!

Stehr-SUG 40 T... The tractor Graders - latest state of the art!

To build a forest or gravel road, is the one thing - this to get long-term, to enable a sustainable value retention, the other. Different damage to these structures require different measures and designs. Especially great challenges lie in the work-up after natural disasters, such as after heavy rain, flood damage or due to above-average use of heavy traffic. To obtain the value of a gravel road, they have to be maintained. Weiterlesen ...


Stehr ... the smallest crease plate moves even now !!

Stehr-SUG 20... The smallest crease plate now moves itself !!

Mini graders are not new, there are some American manufacturers whose products but not to the European market to the effect correspond to what you'd expect from a small, compact machine. They look like a construction 60 years ago! Are too easily, thus often lack the ground traction, they are cumbersome to use, there is no decent cabin, heater, etc. available. The Fa. Kari from the Saxon Lichtentanne tried as an importer for the European space. Weiterlesen ...


Stehr-plate compressor

Stehr-Plate compactor ... more and more arguments condense!

The company robbers, a leading construction company in osthessischen room with an office in Eisenach, has invested in four new wheel loaders. After it was recognized here the advantages of Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2 as an attachment for wheeled loaders, these were the same all equipped with the Stehr machines. Weiterlesen ...

The new Stehr milling bits sets new standards for soil stabilization!

The newStehr Tooth sets new standards for soil stabilization!

When the soil stabilization to be milled materials are often very abrasive and interspersed with large stones. This leads to an enormous stress and related durability and wear at the chisels. Weiterlesen ...

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