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Dredge milling instead

Jürgen Stehr had to fight in recent years against some lobby groups that create itself its own standards and rules. So says an over 40 years old standard that the minimum width of a trench for laying a line be at least 35 cm  got to. Thus, incur costs of 80% to move only for civil engineering works around a cable in the ground. That can not be, and it was invented what.  With the Stehr grave cutter can reduce costs over 50% when no longer dredged but milled.   Continue reading

The prior art is redefined!

Our company, Stehr, A new compactor (SBV 240 / 2) have developed, with the chapter "compression" will be rewritten. This has been certified by the Technical University of Munich by an opinion. Continue reading

SBV 80 HC 2 | A small boom

The new SBV 80 HC 2 plate compressor from Stehr lhonors rolls to fear. In the April issue of bd reported Baumaschinendienst already on the SBV 240-2, which has embarked on shortly afterwards at bauma like a bomb. But not convinced about with tremendous shock and confusion, special and quietly ... quietly

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Stehr machines now successfully in India!

India's roads are in a desolate state. With 3,4 million kilometers, the Indian road network is indeed the largest in the world, but the vast majority is not ausgebaut.71.000 kilometer highway run through the country, but these are 16.500 kilometers lane. The streets are crowded and can not withstand the growing traffic.

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