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Stehr machines create the basis in nuclear medicine

In Bad Berka / Thuringia the newest center for the production of radiopharmaceutical drugs in Germany is produced. These medicines are used inter alia in the diagnosis but also in therapy for certain types of tumors. After about a year of intensive planning phase in close cooperation with an architectural firm and professional planners from Wetzlar now could start the earthworks. These were carried out by the resident in Thonhausen / Thüringen Tiefbauunternehmen Burkhard. Continue reading


Stehr plate compressor with superior energy efficiency over a compactor

Stehr plate compactor

Stehr Plate compactor SBV 240 / 2 mounted on a wheel loader / 50 KW with significant reduction of resource consumption in the soil compaction. During the compression process itself, the typical consumption of 13 is reduced t roller with a capacity of about 120 24 KW of l / h to approximately 10 l / h. The reduction in fuel consumption during transport is clear when one juxtaposes the fuel consumption of a low-loader with appropriate tractor to a simple transporter having at least 2 t payload. Continue reading


Stehr soil mixer SBM

Stehr excavator-floor mixer SBM

In Bad Hersfeld the grounds of the car yard was redesigned. One carried out in advance of ground investigation showed that the soil was contaminated with hazardous substances. From the geotechnical expert has determined that the excavation must be disposed of in a hazardous waste landfill.

A special proposal of the executive contractor Metz village, from the Hessian slot, has been accepted by the building consultants and construction management. Continue reading

Stehr-plate compressor ....... The future has already started

Stehr, the inventor of the hydraulic multi-plate compressor for wheel loaders, tractors, excavators, graders, groomers, etc., working always working to improve the performance of these compactors. Continue reading

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