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The prior art is redefined!

Our company, Stehr, A new compactor (SBV 240 / 2) have developed, with the chapter "compression" will be rewritten. This has been certified by the Technical University of Munich by an opinion.


Extensive tests with all known test method showed that no existing device - also much larger rolls - only close to the performance and the result of our new invention! And that is hardly perceptible vibrations in the environment!


We invite you to present to you on our test track the incredible performance of our plate compactor!


Specially we have built a test track. Here, various materials can be condensed and the compaction results are calculated using the known measuring methods.


In parallel, there is a 13 to. Compactor of a known manufacturer has been informed. No better way to demonstrate the disadvantages with this compression method and the advantages of our invention!


Experience live a revolutionary Compaction equipment:

- 2 / 3 less fuel consumption with correspondingly geringeremSchadstoffausstoß!

- Better compaction with the same larger areas and mass power!

- Much less, scarcely perceptible vibration in the environment

- No loosening of the surface


Those were the requirements that we faced. For over three years we have worked hard. Now we are proud that we have solved all the tasks.


We would be very pleased to welcome you to our home - make us live the pioneering, innovative compaction technology of the future!

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Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH

Jürgen Stehr

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