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Stehr machines now successfully in India!

The Indian government has recognized that the catastrophic condition is mainly at the expense of the poor population in the country and thus constraining growth. Because without functioning infrastructure is not to create the transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy. Already 65% of India's freight traffic on the road are handled. 40% of all fruit and vegetable shipments rot, however, before they reach their destination. "We are back 30 years," said Harpinder Narula, chairman of infrastructure firm DSC India Under. The Indian government suppresses the development of infrastructure on pace and plans billion investment. So in the next three years alone in highway construction projects worth converted 55 billion euros will be advertised. "Build roads is to promote the development"Kamal Nath, the Minister responsible for road said.

7000 road kilometers of new roads per year is its ambition. "20 kilometers per day," says the slogan of the Minister. Since then, he was counting the day not in hours, but in kilometers - but the Indian road builders so far came just two kilometers per day, Nath admits in an interview with Handelsblatt. Part of this will contribute Hessian company Stehr Construction machinery of it. Since no quarries are known in India as in Germany and the gravel deposits are used for the production of asphalt, the base layer is largely stabilized with binders. Here come in the future, the combination tractor with tiller and integrated binder spreaders used. Since the sites are often through-kilometer sugarcane, Reisfelder- and mango plantations (all quality staple food), was in choosing StehrMachines the main argument that the binder is free of dust mixed into the soil. Moreover, even the costs for a costly separate scattering vehicle. Via an electrically controllable water pump water can be added at a metered into the mixing chamber in order to adjust accurately for ramming notwendign water content.


One of Stehr developed with the Electronic Partner Procon board computer ensures that the spread rate and the addition of water is applied exactly accurate. The scattering volume dosing is via a hydraulically driven rotary. For the actual distance traveled is measured by a measuring wheel running on the floor exactly. The discharge amount per m² is applied and entered accurately metered.


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