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SBV 80 HC 2 | A small boom

Mounted on a Bobcat loader robbery, the machine verichtete a same compression work as 15 t compactor - But at a fraction of the Investititions- and operating costs. This and other advantages of the expert visitors at the bauma exhibition stand have recognized quickly, and so many machines could be brought to the man already at bauma and the immediate follow-up - the demand is continuing!

This has the inventor Jürgen Stehr but not deterred, take up the suggestion of practitioners, and to realize a smaller version. Using the same technique and with appropriate performance and fuel consumption: The new SBV 80HC 2 adjusts small wheel loader with high-performance hydraulics, and compares in terms of performance with a 7 to Erdbauwalze, but again at a fraction of the cost.

The complete report can be downloaded in our download directory:

SBV 160-2 | A small force Grumpy - output 9 / 2013

Our brochure about the SBV 160-2 for download:

Stehr Anbauplatte compressor SBV 240-2 / 160 2-


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