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In order to achieve higher performances by means of higher balancing forces, the weight of the oscillating mass (lower part) must be exactly matched with respect to the non-oscillating mass (upper part). The weight of the non-oscillating upper part contributes significantly to achieving an optimal compression result. Since, however, the weight of the plate compressors must not exceed the payload specified by the manufacturers, only limited compaction can be expected with this type of attachments. In order to achieve better compression values ​​during the operation of a building plate compressor, the weight of the non-oscillating mass (upper part) must be matched to the weight of the vibrating mass (lower part). In the known embodiments, only a limited power is thereby possible. As it has recently been shown that the problem has only been solved by the use of Stehr plate compressors, it was decided to revise the technology. The development department of Stehr invented a simple device to enormously increase compaction performance. The revision was that the exciter gear has been completely changed in order to absorb the higher balancing forces via a stronger bearing. In spite of higher balancing forces the weight was reduced. However, since this is enormously important for compacting, the weight of the carrier device is utilized by means of a special suspension by the actuation of the bucket tipping cylinder or top link of the carrier device in order to achieve a load on the plate compressor. A measuring device shows how much pressure you want to exert. This is important in order to achieve optimum densification values ​​for different soils. On a construction site at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz a new area was set up for a new forwarding company. 10.000 m² Frost protection layer of natural grain 0-45 has been installed and compacted. The required compression values ​​according to ZTV SoB-StB. Were in an EV2 ≥ 120 MN / m². The compaction checks were carried out by the local construction supervisor in accordance with DIN 18134. During compression, it was found that these values ​​could not be achieved with a roller. With the new Stehr high-frequency plate compressor SBV 80 H 3, mounted on a Bobcat crawler loader T 300, the required values ​​were achieved with only two transitions and one with a breaking height of 30 cm in the first and again 20 cm in the second pass with hardly noticeable vibrations in the environment reached. Due to the newly designed suspension and the new gearbox, a balancing force of 3 x 80 KN is passed into the material to be compacted at a frequency of 70 Herz.

Also a novelty at Stehr: The plate compressor of the first generation can all be converted to the new generation - the prerequisite is a hydraulic power of 70 liters / 200 bar at the auxiliary hydraulics.


Video Stehr SBV 80 H3



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