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Stehr soil mixer SBM

Stehr excavator-floor mixer SBM

In Bad Hersfeld the grounds of the car yard was redesigned. One carried out in advance of ground investigation showed that the soil was contaminated with hazardous substances. From the geotechnical expert has determined that the excavation must be disposed of in a hazardous waste landfill.

A special proposal of the executive contractor Metz village, from the Hessian slot, has been accepted by the building consultants and construction management.

This proposal consisted of the contaminated material from construction waste and old underground spot recycle so that a leaching of pollutants is excluded.

Here the machinery of Schwalm Taler specialists were once again, as so often in demand.

The Otterbein special binder was incorporated with Stehr machines and compacted so that the contaminated material could remain on the site and at the same time served as a base course for the new space.

The Stehr soil mixer SBM, without any hydraulic drive, showed once again how such a thing is a simple, cost-effective way. Only by the reciprocal movement of the dipper stick to the excavator, the mixing discs are brought into rotation. Special tools - made of hardened steel - dive into the ground and always take the material from the bottom upwards. Larger stones are preparing the Stehr soil mixer no problem at all.

Thus arose after a short time a homogenous mixture, which then could be with the Stehr-compressor, also without any hydraulic drive, which is caused to rotate only by the proper motion of the excavator equipment, compressed. Also at this compaction performance is no other located at convenient market, compactor zoom. At Bauma in 2004 presented to the public, until today almost 6500 were sold it!

As formulated Erich-Otto Häußer, former President of the German Patent Office so aptly:. "Who does not invent - disappears. Those who do not patented - lose "!

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