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NEW - Excavators floor mixer

A mixing and crushing equipment for excavators, can be prepared directly on the site as to the non-incorporable soil to feed these to a recycling spot. There are already devices that perform these tasks, but if the economy in most cases is given, it is questionable as Jürgen Stehr. It can not be that a backhoe worth 200 thousand. € get busy 250 m³ earth day recycle. This was the question that was often asked by users Jürgen Stehr. "We started thinking," says Jürgen Stehr. What emerged is an attachment as it could not be easier. It requires no separate drive motor. Due to the reciprocating movement of the excavator jib, which takes place in a straight line to the excavator, inclined discs are placed in a rotating direction changing rotation. There will be no idle by excavating and replacing and thus an almost wholly-owned energy efficiency The discs are designed so that the outer end of the blade can be screwed, representing a concave shape. This undermined the earthen material and promote it from the bottom up and transversely to the direction. Thus, the excavated material is crushed, aerated and mixed with other materials such as binders. Thus the discs better move into the ground, may be exercised by the dead weight of the excavator, a vertically acting downwards pressure on the attachment.

The special feature here is as with other devices Stehr: zero maintenance!

Stehr ......... we worry (perhaps more than others) !!!!!

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