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No cracks in walls more ... .Thanks to the compression technology of STEHR

No cracks in walls more ... .Thanks to the compression technology of STEHR

In the Oberhessian city of Romrod, the city transit in the Strebendorf district was newly expanded. Directly to this construction site borders houses and agricultural farms. In the run-up, it was found here that there were already serious damage caused by cracks on different walls of the house. These had to be secured before the start of construction.

In order to exclude further major damage during the construction work, Strassing - a leading company in road construction - used the SBV 80 HC 3 plate compressors from the Schwalmtaler construction machinery manufacturer Stehr.

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Under the supervision of Hessenmobil, the 30 0 32 basalt graining was achieved by Schütthöhen of XNUMX after two passes, which were well above the required values. And all this without any noticeable vibrations, as impressively represented by the "Stehr'schen Wasserglastest".

It was Jürgen Stehr who proved that only the 100% vertically downward vibrational forces can achieve enormous energy savings and thus an optimal energy efficiency. As a result, these compact compressors mounted on wheel loaders are also superior to all other compression systems in sensitive building areas, particularly within town thoroughfares with old building fabric, when compressing the gravel, gravel and anti-frost layers.

Thanks to the compression measuring system (SCC), which is always optimally adjusted by variable weight adjustment, all relevant data such as frequency (Hz), compression ratio and driving speed are simply transmitted to a display in the driver's cab via a sensor attached to the oscillating lower part.


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