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Stehr plate compactor SBV 160-2 Quattro

The largest was not big enough - customers want more!

The solution has once again ......... just the Stehr!

Working width mm 4500, balancing force 4 160 x kN,

Handle in the bag of tricks makes two a Great!


After we were approached by some major road construction companies to increase the sales productivity even on the excellent compaction performance, made one with him Stehr Thoughts on how we could so something simple and inexpensive look.


What emerged stunned once again the professional world. Two Stehr-Plate compactor type SBV 160-2 are joined in a pivotable coupling frame. This one stays during transport on public roads always in the legal field. The priority in the development was also here in: Achieving the best possible energy efficiency with the best performance!


Energy and vibrations that nobody needs - Jürgen Stehr it, who stated that occur when conventional compacting at least 50% of the actual energy as harmful vibrations in the environment was.

Jürgen Stehr was the one who proved with his invention, that there is another way. In this the complete energy is conducted as a compaction force to 100% vertically into the ground and not into the environment.


This is the Stehr-Plattenverdichter Hardly ambient vibrations determine. The largest Stehr- plate compactor SBV 160-2 Quattro with a balancing force of 4 160 x kN, 4500 mm wide, mounted on a Fendt Vario 939, also shows its strength against all other compaction equipment. About the proprietary Stehr compaction measuring device the engineer has everything right in the eye, what is important when compacting: mounted vehicle speed, fuel consumption, vibration frequency, compression mode, etc. At the front is a hydraulic 3000 liter water tank.


Here, too, showed once again, as so often: When StehrProblems solved more quickly - thus increasing the confidence of the customers, there are always sold more Stehr machines, which leads to an enormous growth in the Schwalm Taler company.


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