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1000 Chinese built from - Stehr machines build on!

Up to 1000 employees of Chinese steel company Shagang built in northern Dortmund in incredible hard work at the traditional site of Westfalenhütte a complete steelworks including blast furnaces, rolling mill and sinter plant from. It was all broken up into millions of items to make it then - 9000 kilometers away - in Zhangjiagang rebuild.


The 58 hectare patch of former sinter plant of Westfalenhütte was acquired by the Dortmund logistics GmbH. The newly founded company will develop in the coming years, this area become a national logistics center. On the surface, industrial areas are created. In order to develop this area as required, the terrain is completely 3 m high filled - about 400.000 m³ backfill is to required.


The Fa. Oevermann Transportation Infrastructures Münster performs this work. The material is a by various construction sites in the Ruhr. Often large stones, concrete residues, demolition material are included therein. Even foreign bodies such as metal parts and all the manhole covers have been found. The backfill material is mixed with a binder to improve in order to achieve a required by building appraiser sustainability. This work has been taken over by the local companies Nightingale from Dortmund. It was found that one here can not work economically with normal stabilization milling, since the wear on the tools is extremely high. Therefore, so to speak, came as a last resort a machine from Schwalmtal used.


The strongest Stehr-milling SBF 24-2, designed for a drive rating of 600 PS. By crushing and simultaneous interference in the soil stones takes place alone already here a mechanical soil improvement after ZTVE 12.2. This can save a great deal binder. All functions can be accessed via a color display in the cab. Additionally, you can attach an existing from strong, replaceable Rundschaftmeisseln blow bar in the mixing chamber, in order to better crush larger stones. Oversized Carbon timing belt - the most modern thing there is in this drive - bring a lifetime of 3.000 hours without re-tensioning the enormous forces in the rotor.. In the Stehr SBF 24-2 all experiences have been incorporated, which have been collected in recent years in the construction of 20 stabilization milling for tractors. Equipped with special chisels (a Stehr-invention!) Here showed superiority over standard machines.



Mounted on a Fendt 939 was detected after 4 weeks that hardly greater wear on the tools was observed. The new Stehr-cutter weighing 6,5 tons is the only router on the world market that can fully lower the strong rotor into the soil. Thus, the space above the rotor with deeper cuts is always also magnified evenly. So can save a lot of strength, because the material can flow better. can be improved over 10.000 m² floor so per day.


Given Mr Thomas Rickel Oberbauleiter Oevermann Transportation Infrastructures Münster. "Your router, which is used by the company Linneweber on site Westfalenhütte Dortmund, I can because of the observations made there testieren an outstanding performance. She was the tiller, which yielded the highest performance in terms of the task. The contaminants (concrete and masonry units) contained in the embankment material has been processed and crushed in the milling without problems. In embankment located remains of rebar, which resulted in other milling problems were "ignored" almost entirely from your machine. The new Stehr-milling, for a worldwide patent is pending, has so many benefits that it has to offer no other device on the market. She has been prepared so that it can be integrated easily into the dust-free Stehr soil stabilization system.

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