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Stehr Compaction Control SCC


Stehr Compaction Control SCC


Stehr has with the new plate compactors - so redefined as attachments for wheel loaders, Compactors, Excavators, Tractors state of the art - with centrifugal forces to 3 160 X KN. Enormous savings of fuel, significantly lower emissions and best CO2 balance at higher power (!) Represent an energy efficiency that currently have to have no other comparable construction equipment worldwide. Energy efficiency is a measure of the energy required to achieve a specified benefit. A process is efficient if a certain benefit is achieved with minimum energy consumption.

To extremely effective represent this process was developed at Stehr an electronic meter that displays the user in a simple way the compaction results and frequency on a clear display. This can be avoided unnecessary or too slow crossings, since the operator can always optimally adapt the driving speed of the compaction result. This huge savings are possible. There are fewer pollutants and CO sup2; generated. From 2016 all plate compactor can be equipped with the new system at the factory. Our customers are thus prepared for the future, to make processes in the compression cost effective and efficient.


Stehr ... is always on step ahead!


All Stehr Plate compactor can be retrofitted.



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