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Stehr ... the smallest crease plate moves even now !!


Stehr-SUG 20... The smallest crease plate now moves itself !!


Mini graders are not new, there are some American manufacturers whose products but not to the European market to the effect correspond to what you'd expect from a small, compact machine. They look like a construction 60 years ago! Are too easily, thus often lack the ground traction, they are cumbersome to use, there is no decent cabin, heater, etc. available. The Fa. Kari from the Saxon Lichtentanne tried as an importer for the European space.

Because the machines but failed to meet the European standard and very poor for sale by the high dollar exchange rate were the activities were discontinued. After some companies have approached the company. Stehr ("Why us ???" says Jürgen Stehr) this implemented, if it were possible to build a small compact grader, was in the act. In Stehr thus arise 2 sizes of small graders. As the actual drive headboards, use is made of existing wheel loaders. The hydraulic system is modified so that the labor movements sensitively, proportionally over a Joystick can be controlled. This allows an automatic control adapt only via a plug connection with the proportional valves. The smallest is only 1,4 meters wide, With a weight of 2,7 / 3,5 tonnes, A wheelbase of only 2,8 meters and a height of less than 2 meters. Over a four-wheel steering are possible work in confined spaces. The crowd can be of 1,4 2,2 on meters broaden. This is only possible with the invented by Stehr Knick crowd. It is lowered Aufreißzähne, consist of commercially available round shank bits attached to solid ground to loosen. About a quick coupler allows the Stehr plate compactor SBV 160 HF with 2 80 X KN Balancing force, also only 1,4 meters wide, Replace it with the front shield. This compression results are achieved by the directed vibrations, reached that can be accessed with no roll in the same order. And of course, with barely perceptible vibrations in the vicinity.

Video for vibration behavior:

There is no other compactor on the market worldwide, which of the small dimensions of only 140 cm width and a centrifugal force 160 KN achieved this performance. The plate compactor serves as weight (approx 800 kg) for the front axle and crowd. The result is a work of weight 3,5 tonsBut a transport weight of 2,7 tonsBecause the plate compactor is broken down on the quick-change device and lifted with a simple but ingenious trick, on the bed of the tractor. The total weight of the trailer is then 3,5 tons, and can be pulled by a towing vehicle such as SUVs, Pic-Up Box or truck with a trailer load of 3,5 tonnes. Everywhere Planes will be compacted must. Since this often occurs in confined areas and particularly in urban areas, the Stehr combination is likely to be regarded as absolute enrichment in the heavy equipment market. Next, a 5 tons machine comes with the strongest Stehr plate compactor SBV 240 / 2 on the market.

The presentation will take place at 18.11.2015 on 16: 00 place clock in the JS-think tank.



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