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Stehr-plate compressor

The company robbers, a leading construction company in osthessischen room with an office in Eisenach, has invested in four new wheel loaders. After it was recognized here the advantages of Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2 as an attachment for wheeled loaders, these were the same all equipped with the Stehr machines.

"Wherever material is installed on a construction site, must also be compacted. Transporting a heavy roller on the construction sites is connected cumbersome and costly. The plate compactor is one in the future to the construction site where the wheel loader runs. So the investment will pay only the savings in transport costs, "said the company boss Helmut robbers.

Of racetrack enthusiastic motorsport fans and the companies responsible for the construction of the track alike: While the conventional road construction are security and trouble-free traffic flow at the center, racetracks are deliberately designed that the players must show their driving skills to the test constantly. Basic prerequisite for this is built with the highest precision circuit. Speeds of over 300 km / h pose particular quality requirements for road surfaces. The company Bickhardt Bau AG from the Hesse Kirchheim with its qualified and motivated employees and their technically equipped according to the latest machinery has already demonstrated on several occasions its expertise in this very special road sector.

The construction of the formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi, the reconstruction of the Hockenheimring, the asphalting works of the formula-1 trails in Bahrain and Shanghai as well as the preparation of the Sachsenring and the Porsche Centre Leipzig are among the most spectacular construction projects in the company's history. This has recently been expanded to include a new chapter in Southeast Asia: Bickhardt Bau has built the race track surface for the Formula 1 racetracks in South Korea and India. This includes a modern machine park, which will soon be extended with several Stehr machines.

After an extensive test, roll the world leader against Stehr- plate compactor 'decision was made for several devices of Stehr, since the roll could not reach by far the outstanding compaction results and performance combined with excellent energy efficiency.

At the company Max Wild, one of the largest companies in southern Germany in the field of heavy transport, demolition or excavation works, they had heard and read about the media a lot about the new Stehr-plate compressor. Everyone was was skeptical reports what. "It can not be that a Stehr-plate compressor should have a much better compression compared with a compactor," said Karl Dreier, polishing at the construction site, industrial and commercial park Unterallgäu '.

"We'll see," the original sound of Roland Wild, the technical manager of the company. Wild. It was performed on a specially created sample box, type Test. Was measured with a dynamic drop weight after ZTV - StB95. This showed that the Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2 mounted on a Liebherr loaders 509 with high flow hydraulics already after a transition to dual compression value reached as a 12 ton compactor with three transitions. This happened at 35 degrees outside on rollig gravelly material. Another test showed that on an irrigated area of ​​about 30 cm bed height even compaction values ​​in excess of 100 MN Evd were measured. This demonstration was so overwhelming that we decided immediately for two Stehr-plate compressor SBV 240 / 2.

"And it will be even more determined," said Roland Wild.


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