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The new Stehr milling bits sets new standards for soil stabilization!

When the soil stabilization to be milled materials are often very abrasive and interspersed with large stones. This leads to an enormous stress and related durability and wear at the chisels. The company Stehr was the first company ever to the cutting tools began with a 25 mm shank. These questions are still the state of the art: pointed chisel with a steel body, in which a tungsten carbide tip is brazed as the actual wear material. These are secured in welded holders which are arranged on the milling roller by driving. A resilient clamping sleeve, which is mounted on the round shank chisel and clamped in a groove located in the holder with this, ensures that the cutter can rotate in the holder. In stabilizing and cold recycling of abrasive and heavily interspersed with stones material has often been found that the extensive steel body much faster wear than the soldered carbide tip.

Once this is no longer held in the steel body, it falls out. The consequences are then associated with high costs and downtime because the welded-holder is then also destroyed quickly and the whole system - needs to be replaced - holder and chisel. These symptoms have been repeatedly approached with customers to the company Stehr. Since the renowned tools and milling manufacturers had this to offer no satisfactory solution, made you look at Stehr from finding a solution. After many attempts it was found that redefines the state of the art. For the existing, well-known holder for round shank chisel can be the new Stehr- Flachfräsmeißel, which is equipped with a strong carbide tip insert readily.

A forged sleeve which is fixedly connected to the actual bit body, juts over the holders - by the chisel is secured against twisting and simultaneously protected against wear. The well-known in round shank chisel clamping sleeve braced in the existing holder. In addition, the compound can be further secured with a screw. Large, located in the floor tiles are broken and no longer destroy the chisel. The famous stone crusher can also be equipped with the Stehr system. Here are also the normal holder to 50 mm.

Unscheduled exchanges of chisels and chisel holders on site are costly and time consuming. The new Stehr-cutter tool costs can significantly reduce the shelf life greatly extended, the maintenance, service life, as well as control the chisel can be substantially reduced. In addition, valuable raw materials are still being protected.


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