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SBF 24 / 2 - the strongest growing stabilization cutter!

Soil stabilizer

In 1994 Jürgen Stehr developed the world's first Soil stabilizer as an attachment for tractors. These were designed for the available at that time on the market tractors to a benefit up to 250 PS. Modern large tractors with continuously variable transmission afford 500 PS today. Again, it was the company Stehr, who realized this the first and brought a Soil stabilizer for a power to 600 PS on the market.

In the development were the Stehr specialist customer requests and all the experience that had been accumulated within the last 20 years, with feed. This included an optimal weight distribution by a compact design. The arrangement of the center gear with a 2¼ inches strong drive shaft has been chosen so that a large depth of cut is possible, without exceeding the approved angles of the drive shaft for the carrier vehicle. For additional cardan shaft has been developed in conjunction with the cardan shaft manufacturer Walterscheid GmbH.

In this a safety clutch is integrated, which allows a torque of 6000 Nm to transfer the enormous driving forces of 600 PS. About two planetary gear drive is carried out on the rotor via two maintenance-free toothed belt with integrated carbon tensile cords. By incorporating this high-tech material a shelf life of 3000 hours to stretch without by is guaranteed.

Even large, located in the ground stones make the heavy, occupied with Rundschaftmeissel rotor no problems. This can be completely lowered from the closed case. The deeper the rotor is lowered, the greater the mixing chamber over the rotor. Through this feature, for which one has a worldwide patent pending, the new Stehr-stabilization milling SBF 24 / 2 is unrivaled.

In combination with the right, powerful tug services in 500 be reached mm depth of cut and 2400 mm milling width, which can not be achieved even by the most self-propelled milling. From the performance of the Stehr milling Also the company noted from Bell was able to convince in the Eifel now. The Fa. Remembers is considered a pioneer in the soil stabilization in Germany.

Here truck with over 500 PS are used as a support device for the first time. No cutter on the market has been able to implement this service. The consequences were often stopped by gearbox damage. The Stehr soil stabilization milling SBF 24 / 2 is for milling old asphalt with underlying layers antifreeze used as well as in landfill or dikes.

About a computer-controlled screw pump fluids can be injected directly into the rotor chamber. Each cutter is designed to be mounted on the frame a binding agent spreader with a volume of 8,5 m³.

These events may be computer controlled cement or lime are introduced precisely metered - and that: absolutely dust-free!



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