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Stehr ..... arguments condense !!!

Stehr... .Argumente Condense itself !!!

The Oberhessische Stehr, known by many innovative inventions solves a problem during compression, with every manufacturer of compaction machines in the past, though busy, but have not found a solution. The familiar Stehr-plate compressor, which were first presented at the Bauma in Munich in 1989, and are now being copied by some Nachbauern to 100%, received a complete overhaul - with the result that the issue of compression can soon appear in other dimensions.

Thanks to enormous savings in energy, fuel and emissions, but at a much higher power, the basis of energy efficiency is created which now boasts no other special machinery. The revision of the new plate compactor was that both the pathogen transmission and the suspension has been completely modified. So can now received higher centrifugal forces and greater impact forces are introduced into the material to be compacted. It was the Stehr specialists particularly important to precisely tune the weight of the non-vibrating upper part on the weight of the oscillating base. Over a measuring sensor which is attached to the vibrating bottom, is the machine operator in the cab always displayed on an LED display the optimum settings such as driving speed, frequency and compaction state. For this, the weight of the non-vibrating upper part, suitable during the compression driving for each type of soil, can be changed continuously from the driver's cab. This is done via a shock absorber, the total minimized additionally the vibrations to the support device. With these optimal settings can be very easy to save up to 50% fuel and compaction of roads and areas of energy-efficient, better, easier to compress using less energy and significantly lower emissions. This finding is in a study by Professor Roland Anderegg (College of Engineering and Automation, CH-Windisch) published in a publication ("Energy-efficient dynamic soil compactor"). So is the new Stehr-plate compressor SBV 80 3 H, mounted on graders, also represent an optimal unit for compacting the future.

In this attachment can also be obtained an optimum energy balance, when the drive of the engine can operate in a so-called Eco mode with flanged hydraulic pump during operation of the Stehr-plate compressor. If Nobas HBM graders type BG 190 4-TA with a capacity of approximately 130 KW only a power of approximately 28 KW is needed for the vibration drive. If the plate compressor is switched on, the motor switches controlled electronically in the Eco mode. Here the engine is operating instead with 2000 U / min. only 1400 U / min. = 30% less speed. The thereby resulting hydraulic power is sufficient here completely out of the operation of the plate compactor. Added to this are dependent on the driving speed compression values. The higher compression forces, therefore, the driving speed can be increased. This is important because the compaction time significantly determines the sequence when Infrastructures. When these factors are combined, can 50% of output and thus in equal shares less fuel, reducing harmful emissions and noise pollution can be reduced enormously. The new Stehr-invention can be a variety of compression tasks energy efficient perform with higher performance. After some already had read about the new Stehr-plate compressor in specialized newspapers, there is an enormous interest in both contractors and engineering firms. Just compacting almost without vibrations in urban areas seem to be a big issue.

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