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Stehr machines create the basis in nuclear medicine

The newest center for the production of radiopharmaceutical drugs in Germany is being built in Bad Berka / Thüringen. These drugs are used, among other things, in diagnostics, but also in therapy for certain types of tumors. After about a year of intensive planning in close cooperation with an architectural office and specialist planner from Wetzlar, the earthworks could now begin. These were carried out by Burkhard, a civil engineering company based in Thonhausen / Thuringia. The central clinic builds a building with approximately 1.300 square meters of usable floor space on two levels. The nucleus of the new building is a circular accelerator (cyclotron) for the production of short-lived radionuclides, which are produced under pure conditions into radioactive drugs. The planning involved intensive cooperation with the competent authorities, such as the Thuringian State Administration Office and the Thuringian State Office for Food Safety and Consumer Protection. The aim was to reconcile the requirements of radiation protection and drug law. The cyclotron is formed by a two-ply wall structure made of concrete and soil with together over approx. 4 meter thickness is best shielded from the environment, ie the radiation load is not higher than the naturally occurring ambient radiation. In order to achieve the necessary load-bearing capacity of the foundations under the cyclotron, a construction pit with a volume of 1400 m³ was lifted and the ground was then repositioned in layers. The individual layers were mixed with a special binder at a height of 40 cm and then compacted. Here, the new Stehr soil mixer EX-Mix was used as an excavator attachment. For example, 150 m³ per hour could be processed in such a way that, after compaction, the required compaction values ​​were achieved more than required. Here again it was shown that some construction sites can only be operated with best results with the innovative machines of the Schwalmtaler specialists around Jürgen Stehr. According to the responsible construction manager Steinhäuser from Burkhard: "After we searched for a machine with the binding agent on site more powerful than with a blade separator, we came to the Stehr soil mixer EX-Mix - a attaching device for excavators. At the beginning, we and the soil inspector were very skeptical, as it should work without any hydraulic drive. At Stehr we reacted immediately, and we were offered the device for testing. After 2 hours of working-in, we decided to buy this machine, since more and more confined construction sites are expected in the future. Equipped with an Oilquick quick-coupler, this simple, maintenance-free device provides a life-long guarantee without any lubrication points and is an enrichment of our extensive, modern machinery. "



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