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Stehr plate compressor with superior energy efficiency over a compactor

Stehr plate compactor

Stehr Plate compactor SBV 240 / 2 mounted on a wheel loader / 50 KW with significant reduction of resource consumption in the soil compaction. During the compression process itself, the typical consumption of 13 is reduced t roller with a capacity of about 120 24 KW of l / h to approximately 10 l / h. The reduction in fuel consumption during transport is clear when one juxtaposes the fuel consumption of a low-loader with appropriate tractor to a simple transporter having at least 2 t payload.

This is against a background of increasing global physical infrastructure, which is accompanied by the ever-increasing world population, a great advance for the energy consumption in construction projects represent.

The saving of the Stehr plate compactor SBV 240 / 2 on a loader with high-flow hydraulics compared to a 13 t compactor

Stehr SBV fuel 240 / 2: 11 l / h

Fuel consumption 13t roller: 24 l / h

Transport weight SBV 240 / 2 2 about t => typical transport costs 3000 € / year

Transport weight 13t roll: 13 t => typical transport costs 18000 € / year

Video Stehr plate compressor with superior energy efficiency over a roller:

[In the video player can also 720p HD quality can be selected]

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