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No cracks in walls more ... .Thanks to the compression technology of STEHR

No cracks in walls more .... Thanks to the compaction technology of Stehr!

In the Oberhessian city of Romrod, the city transit in the Strebendorf district was newly expanded. Directly to this construction site borders houses and agricultural farms. In the run-up, it was found here that there were already serious damage caused by cracks on different walls of the house. These had to be secured before the start of construction.

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Stehr plate compactor SBV 160-2 Quattro

The largest was not big enough - customers want more!

The solution has once again ......... just the Stehr!

 Working width mm 4500, balancing force 4 160 x kN,

Handle in the bag of tricks makes two a Great!

After we were approached by some major road construction companies to increase the sales productivity even on the excellent compaction performance, made one with him Stehr Thoughts on how we could so something simple and inexpensive look. Continue reading....

1000 Chinese built from - Stehr machines build on!

The Soil stabilizer SBF 24-2 successfully under the toughest conditions

News from the Stehr -Ideenschmiede:

Up to 1000 employees of Chinese steel company Shagang built in northern Dortmund in incredible hard work at the traditional site of Westfalenhütte a complete steelworks including blast furnaces, rolling mill and sinter plant from. It was all broken up into millions of items to make it then - 9000 kilometers away - in Zhangjiagang rebuild. The 58 hectare patch of former sinter plant of Westfalenhütte was acquired by the Dortmund logistics GmbH. The newly founded company will develop in the coming years, this area become a national logistics center. On the surface, industrial areas are created. In order to develop this area as required, the terrain is completely 3 m high filled - about 400.000 m³ backfill is to required. Continue reading....

Stehr Compaction Control SCC

Stehr Compaction Control SCC

Stehr has with the new plate compactors - so redefined as attachments for wheel loaders, Compactors, Excavators, Tractors state of the art - with centrifugal forces to 3 160 X KN. Enormous savings of fuel, significantly lower emissions and best CO2 balance at higher power (!) Represent an energy efficiency that currently have to have no other comparable construction equipment worldwide. Energy efficiency is a measure of the energy required to achieve a specified benefit. A process is efficient if a certain benefit is achieved with minimum energy consumption. Article Read more ...

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