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Operation - packer SVR



The Stehr-compressor is a purely mechanical compactor. It is equipped with permanently lubricated bearings and therefore maintenance free. The high compression forces arise because the dead weight of the carrier is used as the static force acting. In contrast to the known dynamic compression devices water is not pumped up and there is no separation of the floor.


The wheel is pressed onto the bottom, and with a back and forth movement of the dipper stick of the soil is compacted.

Important for good compaction results:
the largest possible part of the excavator own weight has to be routed via the compressor wheel in the ground. The dipper should it be so strongly impressed that the front portion of the chains and the front wheels of the excavator are "free" -gedrückt.

Comparison compressor wheel - grave roll:

When pushing the excavator about 60% of its own weight act on the wheel. A 25 t excavator thus creating a static load of about 15 tonnes.
In a 60 cm wide compressor this corresponds to a static line load of 250 kg / cm !!!
A grave with the same roller drum width and 6 t balancing force against it brings only 50 kg / cm Statical line load on the ground.
The SVR compaction performance and values ​​can be achieved that are not possible with any other conventional compactor


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